Use this form to create your own “My Worry Stones.”  As soon as we receive your completed form and approve your “My Worry Stones” concept, we will post it in our shop and make it available to our customers.  If anyone purchases your “My Worry Stones,” you will receive 10% of the sale.  

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by choosing "Product Development" you agree to allow to sell your specific "My Worry Stone" text on our website. You will receive 10% of the sale price you determine.
Please use the "Subject" line above to tile your "My Worry Stone." Titles should be two words or less. Some examples: Nightmare Free, Weight Loss, Test Day,Social Anxiety. After each description, the words "Worry Stone" will appear on the title. For example, if your two word idea is, "Social Anxiety" the card will read, "Social Anxiety Worry Stone." when you receive it in the mail.
Your description must be 50 words or less.
This is where you set the price of your "My Worry Stone" product. Orders are packaged in groups of 6. We do all the work. All you have to do is come up with a concept that we approve.